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DIY bulk wedding flowers Sacramento Placerville Lake Tahoe

Order your DIY bulk wedding flowers for your Lake Tahoe, Placerville, Sacramento wedding from A Special Day Designs

Welcome to the A Special Day Designs DIY bulk wedding flower market. I have an online-based florist-quality flower market providing high-quality fresh flowers for DIY weddings.

I offer this service to wedding clients in the greater Sacramento – Placerville / Jackson / Auburn / Grass Valley – Lake Tahoe areas.

I offer this service because some clients that want to do their DIY wedding reception centerpieces and personal wedding flowers worry about ordering from unknown, big corporations that sell wedding flowers.  Will the flowers arrive on time?  Will the flowers be in good condition – not wilted or have other problems? Will the order be correct? Requests from brides, event planners, caterers, etc.. led me to offer DIY wedding flowers site so that florist-quality flowers are available at affordable prices to my clients.   The same high quality, incredible flowers that I use in my wedding designs are available to purchase in bulk for all of your DIY projects. By DIYing your wedding flowers, you can show off your creativity to your friends and family, make your wedding truly your own, and save the floral designer labor cost (often 30-50%).

No worrying about whether you’ll get dead flowers arriving from a hot brown or white truck, like you might with a big box or corporate flower shipper.  My flowers are sent refrigerated all the way, because I’m working with flower professionals.  No worrying that your flowers will be dead on arrival the day before your wedding.  I will give you support in ordering your flowers; you pick them up, or I’ll deliver, and you’ll have the satisfaction of designing your own wedding flowers!  Want me to do the personal flowers, and you do the centerpieces?  Sure!  Want to do it all yourself?  Sure!

The difference between me and DIY shippers is that you have a professional buyer – me -  to assess the quality of the flowers you ordered for your special event before you get them. This extra step is your assurance that the flowers you request are of the highest quality and the flowers you receive won’t disappoint you.

The difference between me and other floral designers is that I do not have a problem with you doing a part of the wedding and me doing a part of the wedding (if that’s what you’re looking for).  Many, if not most, other floral designers insist on being the only flower provider – meaning you or Aunt Susie cannot DIY your reception.  Most other floral designers or retail florists have no interest in selling you DIY bulk wedding flowers for your Sacramento, Placerville, Lake Tahoe area wedding.

Orders can be picked up from my home studio in Shingle Springs (right off of Highway 50; no mountain roads, easy and direct) or I can deliver them for a fee (fee depends on distance/time).

You’ll need florist wire, tape, nippers, and all the other tools of the trade.  These are available through my Artfire shop under “Supplies.”  If you need help deciding what to get, just email me – I’ll be happy to help you!

How to Buy Fresh DIY Bulk Wedding Flowers for Sacramento – Lake Tahoe – Placerville – Auburn – Jackson – Lodi Weddings

Soon, I will have subpages so that you can see what flowers are available for each month, and what their general prices are (in the meantime, email me your choices, and I will quote you).  Please be aware that flowers are “market pricing” and the prices can fluctuate and change, so I will give you current pricing on your proposal.  Once I invoice you and you pay in full, your pricing is set and will not change. Occasionally, flowers will not be available due to acts of nature or other reasons outside of my control, or may be of poor quality.  I will contact you if any flowers are not available, and ask you about substitutions.

How to figure out what to order:  figure out how many stems you’ll need of  each flower, in what color, checking to see if the flower is in season, for each bouquet or centerpiece.  That’s part of DIY: when you hire a designer, they already know their recipe or have the experience to create a recipe to achieve the design. You can go to this website to get flower names, and they also list how many stems in a bunch, and what season they’re available (go to the cut flower pull down on the menu for more filler flower, foliage, grasses, and tropical flower choices). Make a table or a grid for yourself in a word processing document or spreadsheet.  I’ll help you figure out how many bunches of flowers you’ll need, as you’ll be buying the flowers the same way that I do, by the bunch.  Want help?  I offer a flower recipe service for $100 and do the calculations for you.

The minimum order is $250 of fresh flowers.

I sell DIY bulk flowers frequently, and it works out very well for my clients.  You can see the results from the wedding of one of my DIY clients on this page.  Please feel free to email me at any time to ask questions!


A Special Day Designs delivering DIY bulk wedding flowers to the cabin that the bride rented, the day before her Homewood / Lake Tahoe wedding!

DIY bulk wedding flowers Sacramento Placerville Lake Tahoe

DIY bulk wedding flowers for Sacramento Placerville Lake Tahoe Auburn Jackson Lodi


DIY bulk wedding flowers rustic bouquet handle


DIY wedding ceremony with flowers and tibetan prayer flags at Lake Tahoe

DIY bulk wedding flowers bridesmaids

DIY bulk wedding flowers bridesmaids

DIY wedding flowers bouquet boho chic alternative Lake Tahoe

Who said your wedding has to look a certain way or your dress has to be white? I love this boho chic wedding at Lake Tahoe!


A beautiful DIY wedding cake with sunflowers. Make sure any flowers you put on your cake are NOT toxic!

DIY wedding flowers by Dad!

Even Dad helps out with making bouquets! Go Dad!!

DIY bulk wedding flowers autumn harvest sunflower Placerville

Isn't this DIY centerpiece stunning on a bright tablecloth?


Try something unexpected like this dried lotus pod which you can order through me.


And this DIY bride is married, and what a lovely wedding she designed!



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